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A street in the Kamyanetz-Podilsky was renamed in honor of the plastun Mykola Hordiychuk, who was killed in the Russian-Ukrainian war

Author: Тарас Щепаняк

On September 14, two streets and four lanes in Kamyanetz-Podilsky received new names, among them the Zhukova street was renamed to the Mykola Hordiychuk street.

“During the session of the city council, an unanimous decision was made to rename two streets and four lanes: Zhukova to Mykoly Hordiychuka, Chervonoarmiyska to the Heaven's Hundred Heroes, Budyonogo to Mykoly Flerka, Kalinina to Romana Nahlyuka, Fabryciusa to Vitaliya Vasiltsova and Chapaeva to Sergiya Bondarchuka. These are the Heroes of Ukraine, who sacrificed their lives for our Motherland”, said Mykhaylo Simashkevych, the mayor of the Kamyanetz-Podilsky.

On July 22 2015, during the combat mission in Donbass, starshyj plastun Mykola Hordiychuk “Hryzun”, was killed. Mykola was an active plastun, community activist of Kamyanetz-Podilsky, and a talented musician. When the war in the East began, he volunteered for the Special Forces battalion “Harpun”.

Sofia Shyprykevych