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The cub scouts from Ivano-Frankivsk revealed a New scout year by facilitation soldiers at Anti terrorist zone

Author: Vita Didyk
10 September 2016 year cub scouts revealed New scout year-2016 in civil Taras Schevchenko park. An event was aimed at reminding and help those people whom thanking according to peacefully sky over head. Scouts had been participating to gathering products and things the first neccessity for soldiers Anti terrorist zone.

Traditionally event had started from prayer and scouts ceremonials. At the opening of new scout year also were awarded bratchuky and sestruchky and active parents by gratitude for weighty contribution in development Plast NCOU in stanytsia Ivano- Frankivsk and by volunteering with children.

After the celebrations ptashata, novaky and novachky took part in locations such as charity, master- class, movable-game location. At the charity location children weaved obscuring net, produced postcards and tinkered amulets( angels made by tissue and corn, patriotic hearts) which subsequently will be send to our soldiers-defenders. At movable-game locations scouts had been playing with their instructors and at master-class location had already produced wares for themselves(pottery plates, fish which was made from paper, toys from bat, tubes, magnets which you can later put to refrigerator).

Ptashata who took part at movable-game location became members "Rope park". They completed one more trial in life and learnt how to overcome their fears. Thanks to Stanislav Provalnyj for these extreme moments.

At solemny closing had been taking place transition ptashat in ylad scout junakiv and junachok. And for completion event all the scouts were waiting for extraordinary surprise- "colorful closing", throwing multicolored dusty inks. " So thus will be all the year to us " - wrote ptashatas' mother Natalia Loza;) Nevertheless, colorful, sunny and peaceful scout year for us. 
The organizers of opening new scout year for ptashat and novatstvo is preparatory kyrin ysp and 30 kyrin ysp "Lightning". The most thank is to all bratchykas and sestruchkas, parents, and also for artisans, who were instructors in places, from city Galych.