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Ukrainian scouts conducted health camp "Scout brotherhood" for forcedly displaced children and children of soldiers ATO

Author: Уляна Кропанцева
As part of an operating grant, which received Plast for projects of social action program "Active Citizens" British Council was held healthy camp "Scout brotherhood" for forcedly displaced chidren from Donetsk, Luhansk area and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and children of soldiers from ATO.

About the camp more details tells commandant pl. sen. Igor Oleksyuk, CM, village Lutugyne, Lugansk district.«The idea to organize such camp was born during the familiarity of the organization "Plast". Why not? In Western Ukraine is home to many forcedly displaced families. Parents who pay for rental apartments has to work hard to send their children somewhere to rest.! Can scouts to help this category of children? YES! We can!No one knows whether the parents agree IDPs and parents of soldiers unprepared ATO send their children to camp with severely discipline?We decided to try and and not surprisingly. Children from East Ukraine and the kids of warriors ATO visited this camp and were satisfied and hope to become better.»
During the 10 days, children learned to work in the kitchen: for some it was the first experience in cooking, use of Carpathian herbs and berries to prepare different drinks, collecting firewood, scars firewood, washing dishes and boilers. They became more independent and mature. Construction camp facilities, installation of kitchens, toilets - it is also an experience that you may need in life. Every morning at camp wеre  conducted exercises, healthy lifestyle was implemented in washing and bathing children in a mountain river. In the penultimate day camp рої has final training was conducted to determine the knowledge and practical skills they gained at the camp, the children had to show their knowledge in giving first aid, ability to use Sapper shovel and ax, the ability to tie knots and come down with the help of eight, quickly and correctly execute commands,show ownership methods of self-defense, and of course, to be able to sing Ukrainian songs. Youth seriously reacted to the final training Each of the three роїв identified best results among participants: the first рій Veremchuk Andrew, Cherkasova Dasha in the second, the third Sasha Babiy. Education for the Scout method has given some results. Sports relay races, archery, and other games and amusements придавали camp  specific flavor and made it interesting and memorable. No wonder almost all participants had expressed the hope that next summer, and even better in the autumn or winter, gather together again.
Our team of organizers and all 20 children - participants of the project are very grateful to the British Council for funding our health camp. Children, especially those forced to moved from their homes in eastern Ukraine and Crimea (IDPs), it is hoped to further support such projects.