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The monument on the grave of a scout-soldier Yevhen Podolianchuk consecrated

Author: Petro Zadorozhny
The monument on the grave of Yevhen Podolianchuk in the village of Krut’ky, Cherkasy region, was consecrated on the first anniversary of his death. Yevhen was killed on September 14, 2014, in a battle at the Donetsk Airport, while providing cover to his fellow soldiers during a retreat.
Yevhen's relatives, combat friends, fellow scouts, and village neighbors came to the cemetery. After the funeral service, members of the Ukrainian scouting organization "Plast" handed to Yevhen's wife Maria the Bronze Cross – an emblem of "Legion", a military-style scouting camp. Nine years ago, Yevhen had attended the camp but had not managed to earn the award at the time. With his life and sacrifice, however, he has shown to be more than deserving of the honor, usually awarded only to the best participants of "Legion".
Photographs of Yevhen are carved in granite on both sides of the monument. The photo on the front side depicts him in a scout uniform at a training for troop leaders, and the other shows him in a military uniform, holding his rifle. The emblem of Plast – a fleur-de-lis interlaced with a trident, the Ukrainian National Emblem – is also depicted on the front of the monument.
After the ceremony, all the attendees were invited to a local village club to watch the documentary about Yevhen's life.
Photos: Petro Zadorozhny