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An introductory scout camp "Try with Us" was held in Kharkiv

Author: Anastasia Petrachkova
An introductory scout camp “Try with Us” was held August 14-24th, 2015, with 50 participants between the ages of 9 and 16 delving into the Great Game of scouting and experiencing life inside Plast.

The first day of camp began with an interesting training conducted by the fighters of the "Eastern Corps" battalion, who demonstrated basic self-defense techniques. These techniques were subsequently practiced by the children throughout the duration of the camp. The fighters lived among the children and interacted with them directly, teaching them such useful skills as tactical group movements and rifle assembly and disassembly, among others. Such arrangements made for a unique sense of clarify and a positive mood during the camp.

The camp setup went smoothly, and the very next day an unforgettable trip to Khortytsia took place. During this trip, the children learned about the history of the Cossacks, watched a horse show, and visited the rebuilt Sich (a former Cossack stronghold). Throughout this trip, the participants learned many Cossack and Plast songs, singing them frequently in between various guided tours and while riding on the bus.

The following days of the camp were no less interesting. For eight days, the participants tested their survival skills in nature: they chopped wood, prepared meals on open fire, and learned new skills in naturalism, first aid, making knots, and camouflage. The participants also learned the basics of diving and hopak (a Cossack martial art), practiced sharpshooting with a rifle, learned the peculiarities of the Ukrainian folk clothing and much, much more.

In addition, the young scouts tested their orienteering skills in a competition during a hiking trip.

The "Parents' Day" was packed with plenty of fun and action. The adults were given several lectures about the structure, history and purpose of Plast, but also participated in various entertaining activities.

The first camp bonfires, the first backpack, the first time in Plast – in a word, the camp was unforgettable!

The camp closing ceremony was held in the center of Kharkiv, by the monument to the national poet Taras Shevchenko.

More photographs are available here.​

Translator: Alexandra Gonchar