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Plast spring Holiday was celebrated in Poland

Author: Роман Задорожний

1-3 May 2015 near Lublin took place Spring Holiday. Legend of the Holiday was of Ukrainian writer Lesya Ukrainka "Forest Song". All participants and organizers (28 persons) took over on the roles and showed themselfes as good actors. For many participants it was the first acquaintance with the world of Ukrainian mythology. Overall the arena Forest town Motycz gathered cubs and youths from different parts of Poland. It was the first action after the winter when scouts gethered together and of course it started the beginning of the camp season.

Three days were filled with lectures of First Aid, Cartography, cooking, helpness, intellectual pursuits, art classes and dance classes. Cubs and scouts had the opportunity to learn how to practice and know the Plast Ukrainian mythology, customs and traditions. It should be noted that the number of participants of the festival was also a place card with organized activities. As a result, the ranks of supporters joined the organization three students who are now studying in Lublin. In general, the organizations joined the action scouts from Lublin, Warsaw, Cracow, Lviv and Ternopil.​