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Skills and interests

Apart from Trials in Cub Scouts and Rover Scouts, those levels have different possibilities of exams in different parts - Skills (“vmilosti”), to some extent – analog of Merit badges of Boy Scouts of America. Requirements to Skills are described in rule-books.

Sign of Hiking skill 
Sign of Camping skill 
Sign of Cartography skill 

Cub Scouts and Rover Scouts have a free choice in Skills they want to earn accordingly to what they like; Skills give Plast members a chance of gaining theoretic and practical knowledge in different areas:

  • Practical Plast life (cooking, traveling);
  • First Aid and rescue;
  • Natural science (fishing, weather science, garden science);
  • Sports (alpinism, riding a bike, skiing, swimming);
  • Housekeeping (care of children, sewing, housekeeping);
  • Special interests (library, journalism, cars, warrior, war art, astronomy);
  • Art (acting, sewing, ceramics, music, dances);
  • Sky Plast (building planes, flights navigation, flights);
  • Sea Plast (board mechanics, sail-boating, diving).

An instructor to a Plast Skill can be any Plast member that has reached 16 years and has proper knowledge and qualifications. Also an instructor can be not a Plast member who has expert education or experience in provided Skill.

After completing the Skill kids have a right to carry a mark of provided Skill. Mark is carried on the right sleeve of their uniform.