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Plast program

Юначка із перевірним листком ІІ пробиWhile being Cub Scouts (members from 5 to 11) or Rover Scouts(members from 12 to 18) Plast members are going through a line of different stages. Completion of every stage shows that Plast member has made one more step to his self-improvement, and now he can start completing his next stage. After finishing certain stage Plast member is given a certain degree, which is shown on Plast uniform by a degree mark.

Requirements to every stage are adapted to a certain age and require completion of certain tasks or earning some knowledge, necessary for a Plast member in his everyday Plast activity. The list of those tasks is accurately shown and formulated in the requirements of Plast “proba” - Trial.

Plast Trial is a list of things that a Plast member has to complete. During a certain time Plast member has to show in the conditions of a real life with the help of his work and efforts, things that he has been through and knowledge, that he has completely mastered the development material given to him and that he can use the knowledge and means which meet a Plast program of his age.

On the level of Cub Scouts there are three Trials:

  1. For a degree of a Yellow Beak
  2. For a degree of a Very Young Eagle
  3. For a degree of a Young Eagle.

When Cub Scout is completing his first Trial, then he is making his Plast promise and gets his Plast mark, which he wears on his beret and above his shirts left pocket.

As Rover Scouts, Plast members are completing this kind of Trials and getting this kind of degrees:

Sign of Follower1. Degree of Plast member - follower.
Is given after being a member of Plast for half a year, after Plast member has learned Three main duties of a Plast member, Plast law and a number of basis ideas. It notifies that a Plast member has showed and confirmed his will to become a Plast member. Benevolent are not counted as true Plast members, but only candidates for members.
Sign of Participant2. “Eagle’s wing” - first Trial of Rover Scout (age 12,5-14,5 years) - degree of Participant.
Plast member participant is a person which completed the tasks of first Trial of Plast: mastered the idea of Plast and practices a perfect Plast attitude, is acknowledged in organization of Plast, takes an active part in Plast activities, has learned how to live in the nature, knows how to behave himself in everyday life, works on his physical development and has gained at least three Plast Skills (“vmilist” – analogue of Merit badges of Boy Scouts of America - things that Plast member can do good), that correspond with their stage.

After completing the first Trial Plast members are completing the Plast oath and become true members of Plast organization.

Sign of Scout3. “Eagle’s fly” - second Trial of Rover Scout (14-16 years) - degree of Scout.
Second Trials requirements are close to first Trials requirements, but it requires from a Plast member much deeper theoretical knowledge and his behavior as a leader. A degree of a scout notifies that a Plast member knows the idea of Plast perfectly, has more than once taken a part in organization of different Plast activities and knows how to behave himself no matter if it’s his everyday life or nature.

Plast member scout is a person that knows the rules of Plast life completely and can start to prepare and organize different Plast projects in order to prepare himself to be a leader in future.

Sign of Eagle4. “Eagle’s grip” - third Trial of Rover Scout (16-18 years) - degree of Eagle.
This Trial doesn’t contain any precise demands (tasks) that have to be done. Instead, a Plast member has to organize 9 thematic projects, result of which has to be a positive effect on Plast or society.

Third Trial - is a method of realization of goal of Plast - preparation of conscious, responsible and valuable citizens, leaders of the society.

Sign of Eagle of HetmanateApart from higher mentioned Trials in Rover Scouts there also exists degree of an Eagle of Hetmanate (from the word “hetman” - historical name for the leaders of Cossacks). This degree isn’t gained by Plast member - it can be given to him/her out of his/hers mentor’s initiative. This degree is given for exemplary work and attitude. Conditions for getting this degree are:

  • At least six months of perfect Plast work after getting the Eagledegree
  • Occupation of a leading position in Plast
  • Example of a leaders talent
  • Getting at least 20 marks different kinds of Skills
  • By his/hers own private and social life, Plast attitude and character he/she will give a reason for Plast leaders to be sure that he/she will bring honor and glory to Ukrainian Plast, he/she will live strictly according to the Plast law and will work for the good of Plast and Ukrainian nation.

During every week meetings, gatherings, walks and traveling of a circle (group 5-10 people) and gatherings of a whole Hut (union of usually 3-4 circles) a Plast member is getting familiar methodically and in a program way with the educational material given to him, he goes through it in his work and life and in this way he works out and develops certain parts of his character.

Plast mentors, having helped the young member of Plast creating certain conditions for his self-development work, are watching after his self-development work and work on some phases in his development. This mentors’ work is made through giving Plast members some chores and responsibilities to be done, so they can see whether the Plast member mastered the material he was supposed to master or not.

Technically passing the Plast Trial is being realized through a game, exercise or competitions in a group of other Plast members, who are passing the same phase of examination.