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Mentors in Plast

During the lecture at the summer campMentors can be members of Older Plast members, Senior Plast members, members of so-called Plast-assistance, and partially even older members of Rover Scouts. All of the mentors have to pass a certain course - a educational seminar future mentors.

In order to enrich the row of mentors younger parents can also apply to work with children, and after fulfilling the course of mentors and enriching their knowledge from educative literature young parents can be good mentors. This has already been proved on practice: because parents have their own children they are more responsible and know children psychology, their needs better, they can faster understand and realize what children need and how to help them.

Plast is an educating organization; therefore the most important role in it belongs to mentors. They are organized into two groups of mentor: for the youngest part of organization – Cub Scouts, and older part – Rover Scouts.

Mentors of Cub Scouts are called brothers and sisters. They do educative work in Cub Scouts. Mentor is supposed to create a warm family atmosphere in which it would be pleasant for Plast members to be. He has to give love, to control discipline and responsibility by giving them tasks starting with easy once and slowly moving along to hard tasks.

Cub Scouts mentor first of all has to be a nice and skillful Plast member, to understand and to love children of provided age, he has to work on himself development all the time. Cub Scouts mentor is an explorer of little kid’s souls, he watches after their psychological development, tries to make them interested in something and is always looking for new ways of working with Cub Scouts to bring them to a better level having on mind law of Cub Scouts and its methods of education. Mentor of Cub Scouts is in all-time contact with parents of Cub Scouts, he tries to find out more about their house and “Out-of-Plast” surrounding.

Mentors of Rover Scoutsare older Plast members – men and women, who help youth to live their Plast life. Mentor - is an older friend in circle of girls or boys. Those mentors help Rover Scouts to work; they watch after what’s going on and are responsible for Plast educational process being useful and in Plast rules. This means that they explain members of circle everything about Plast, how to plan, analyze and do the work and sometimes do something themselves.

Mentors help Rover Scouts in their individual self-education with their advices and remarks, they make sure that behavior and work of Rover Scouts is done according to the rules and laws of Plast. But they are not doing all of the work in circle - they leave the initiative and self-education to Rover Scouts. Mentor, by having his own, already formed Plast world-view is giving Rover Scouts a good example in knowledge, skills and responsibility.

In critical situations mentor has a right of putting a veto on the decisions of circle or of any leaders in it.