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System of honors and warnings

4 rank Plast honour

3 rank Plast honour

2 rank Plast honour

1 rank Plast honour

Plast system of honors and warnings is really important and successful instrument in leading self-development work by Plast members. It is thought over to the smallest details and forms one system. Reward for dutiful work in Plast is being a member of Plast, and then given Plast degrees and honors that go with them. Dutiful work on the work that you have to do in Plast of course doesn’t lead to receiving honors.

Good deeds of Cub Scouts are honored by following honors:

  • Verbally (from mentor in presence of Cub Scout’s mates);
  • In written form (commendation from region’s secretary).

In Rover Scouts there exist four honors. Honor is given during festivities in presence of other Plast members. Each honor has its mark, on which are shown Plast knot, number of honor and one symbol of Plast greeting SKOB: leaves of oak (4th rank Plast honor), guilder-rose bunch (3rd rank Plast honor), death-cup (2nd rank Plast honor) and lightening (1st rank Plast honor).

Each Plast honor of Rover Scout Plast member can get:

  • Regardless on his Plast degree;
  • Regardless on the number of honor (it is possible to get second honor before forth);
  • More than once.
Honors are given by Plast leaders on suggestion of circle, Council of circle, mentor or with an agreement of mentor, from a person or organization that had a straight relation to the Plast members’ activity.