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Rover Scouts

Rover Scouts is educative gathering of youth ages 11-18.

Educative cells
Organization structure of Rover Scouts is close to the one in Cub Scouts, but with a difference of a circle (“hurtok”) being instead of swarm and instead of nestthere is a hut (“kurin”).

Mentor of a group can be a girl or a boy, who has already turned 16, and who has already passed a special qualification exam.

The main goal
The main goal of Rover Scouts is an all-round patriotic self-education of Ukrainian youth and members of Ukrainian community with a confident Plast worldview and characterizing worldview as a number of thoughts, activities and developing your character. Rover Scouts is a real Plast life.

Methods and ways of education
A member of Rover Scouts is always a good participant of a game: he’s attentive, completes his tasks, but after completing the task he can discuss it critically with the person that gave him provided task. The idea runs in excluding the “blindness”. Plast helps youth to trust themselves, to be responsible for things you do, to take responsibility and initiative in your own hands. Membership of youth is a free-will thing same as giving an oath.

Main tasks of self-education in Rover Scouts are shown in goal of Rover Scouts. The program of Plast degrees helps youth in its self-development.

Between the methods used in Rover Scouts we point out following methods:

  • Organization of a circle: rights and chores of a Plast member in a circle, rights and chores of circle leaders;
  • Differences of the form of the meetings: gatherings, traveling, camping, life out in the nature, skills exams.