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Age groups

Whole Plast membership is consolidated in 4 conventional Age groups (known as “Ulad”) depending on their age.

  1. Cub Scouts - the youngest age group. It consolidates kids age 6-11. Being Cub Scouts, children prepare themselves for real Plast life.
  2. Rover Scouts - educative gathering of youth ages 11-18. Here starts real Plast life based on self-education method.
  3. Older Plast members. It is an educative community of Ukrainian youth age 18-30. This Age group consists of Plast members which have previously been Rover Scouts, and also those who joined the Age group through active contribution and at least 6 months membership.
  4. Senior Plast members. This Age group unites people who are over aged for Older Plast membership but wish to help in education of Cub Scouts, Rover Scouts and Older Plast members or in other spheres of Plast activities.

In this way, two self-educative Age groups (Older Plast members and Senior Plast members) are meant to assist in education of two education Age groups - Cub Scouts and Rover Scouts.

Each Age group has its own color which dominates on uniforms of its members:

  • Yellow for Cub Scouts
  • Crimson for Rover Scouts
  • Green for Older Plast members
  • Brown for Senior Plast Members

Persons who would like to contribute to Plast activities without membership (usually parents) are united in so-called Plast Affiliates group. Together with mentors they take care of Swarms and Nests of Cub Scouts, Circles and Huts of Rover Scouts. Plast affiliates assists in realization of Plast program and administration of the organization, in this way assuring day-to-day activity of Plast.