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Plast uniform - is an outward sign of being a Plast member. It also reminds Plast members of their responsibilities and creates an esthetic feeling inside their souls.

Plast members wear uniform during different Plast activities: on their gatherings, meetings, celebrations, etc. Uniform if found to be a Plast sign when it includes following parts:

Uniform for boys/men
  • Head covering (scout hat, beret);
  • Plaid (in a form of a rectangular triangle of an appropriate color);
  • Ring for the plaid (maid with threads of three colors);
  • Pants (green colored, up to the knees, long in winter);
  • Belt (leather or braided belt);
  • Shoes (black or brown laced shoes);
  • Socks that go under the knee (colored as uniform);
  • A lace to the whistle (green for boys or brown for girls, and white for mentor).

There are some differences for females’ uniform:

  • Shirt of a sandy color;
  • Skirt - brown.
Uniform for girls/women
Interactive uniform can be found here (in Ukrainian)

Also on uniform Plast members wear Plast marks of different colors: Plast emblem, marks of being a member of Plast organization or circles, marks of Plast degrees, marks of Plast educative camps (sports, skills, camps, physical abilities, specialized educative things), marks of Plast secretaries, marks of mentors and their educative camps, marks of Plast honors and marks of other different things.