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Camps and traveling

A longer stay out in the nature has become an inseparable part of Plast self-development. In Ukrainian Plast this is an old tradition. You can undoubtedly say that without all this - a straight connection with nature, physical and spiritual inspiration, adventures that enlarge our experience and self-confidence - there is no Plast.

During camps we have a chance not only to gain different skills and abilities, but also to spend our time happily - without any troubles, out in the nature gaining its powers for our body and soul. During those camps we strengthen our connections with different Plast members; in a friendly environment we develop our discipline, our feeling of law and order, and a feeling of our responsibility for our friends’ destiny. It is not strange that a big part of mentor’s attention goes to organizing different camps, and that being a participant of those camps is one of the most important requirements for getting your degree.

Plast camp - is:

  • Better understanding of a Creator in his Creation;
  • A lesson to practice life in nature;
  • A summary of a whole Plast work year;
  • A place to use your youth energy and to have a rest from school and house through changing your lifestyle;
  • A chance to show your own initiative, abilities and creativity;
  • A chance of being a part of a friendly Plast community;
  • A place where all of the positive Plast and community virtues are developed, where you can develop a right way of living and your discipline.
One of the most important principles of every camp is a full isolation with everything that is not connected with Plast camp life.