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Means of education

Means are contents of activity in Plast units.

In order to achieve the main goal of education, Plast uses well-tried means of education which form education program of Cub Scouts and Rover scouts. Nature of Plast activities itself is a mean: weekly meetings, outings, excursions, walking tours, camps, games, meetings at bonfire, etc., as well as mass meetings and competitions (sports and arts). As means are rich and diverse, in any Plast manual about 90% of contents is dedicated to the means.

So-called Big Game is based on the means. They awake interests and passions of the youth, and give it needed life experience and practical skills. Means are meant to, in conjunction with Plast education method, nourish in young souls Ideal Plast basics and help it to reach the main goal of Plast – to bring up full-grown personality. It is a wide, consecutive action plan, suited for different conditions. Plast possesses an inexhaustible pool of means which corresponds to each age, each youth’s interest and mentor’s need, according to the circumstances.

The most important means are working in a group, camps and traveling, as well as organizational things like uniform, insignia, parade drill, planning of activities, etc.