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In Plast insignia are spread into different kinds, depending on the character of the information they carry.

All the insignia are worn strictly on uniform (with the exception of Plast emblem, which is also worn on our everyday life clothes).

Marks that show membership in Plast

Plast emblem - is a three leaved lily (Fleur-de-lis) interlaced with Ukrainian Trident; also referred to as Lily. As a sign of being a member of Plast this emblem is being used by Rover Scouts, Older Plast members and Senior Plast members. It is made out of metal of a silver color.

Bigger Lily is worn on a colored background on a head covering. And a smaller one - also on a background but over the left pocket of uniform.

Color of a background is the same as the color of the Age group.

Marks of being a member of a circle

A mark of being a member of a hut (white colored number on a red background, white frame)

A mark of being a member of youth circle (black colored circle symbol on a white background, with a black frame)

Marks of Plast degrees

Follower Participant Scout Eagle Eagle of Hetmanate

Marks of Plast achievements

4th rank honor 3rd rank honor 2nd rank honor 1st rank honor

Marks of Plast educative camps

Interregional educative camp “Forest school”
(“Lisova shkola”)

Interregional educative camp “School of mace-keepers”
(“Shkola bulavnyh”)

Interregional educative camp “Golden mace”
(“Zolota bulava”)

Marks of Plast secretaries

Marks from different activities (camps, celebrations, meetings, etc.)