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Plast Greeting and Motto

OspreyMotto of the first scouts-type organisation, which was formed byRobert Baden-Powell, and other organisations of that kind of some other countries is “Be prepared”.

Plast members use this Motto in the system of Cub Scouts (“Novatstvo” - little members of Plast aged 5 to 11) - “Hotuys” (“Prepare yourself!”). Rover Scouts’ (“Yunatstvo” - elder Plast members aged 12-18) Motto is “SKOB”. "SKOB" happens to be a direct translation of the eagle species "Osprey". Plast members took it for their symbol.

The letters of Ukrainian name of that eagle are the first letters of four words, which express essential signs of a nice Plast member or tell him how to be one:

Sylno (Strongly) in your body and mind
Krasno (Beautifully) in your soul
Oberezhno (Carefully) in your ideas and plans
Bystro (Speedily) in your thoughts and deeds



Picture symbols of those Plast symbols are oak leaf, guelder-rose bunch, death-cup and lightening.

Oak - a hard (strong) tree, which is why his leaf has become a symbol of strength.
With berries of guelder-rose thousands of years people decorated wreath, hair, etc. Guelder-rose is a symbol of beauty.
Death-cup - a poisons mushroom you have to be cautious with, that is why it’s a symbol of being careful (cautious).
Lightening - with its speed is a symbol of being fast.

Greeting each other on any Plast activities Plast members greet each other with “SKOB” and put their right hand up with three middle fingers straightened - symbol of three main duties of a Plast member.

In their everyday life Plast members greet each other by shaking their left hands. This kind of greeting makes them think for a moment that the person whom they greet shares the same Plast idea as they do. The greeting with a left hand is a symbol of being a member of a Scout movement all over the World.