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The Plast law

Three main duties of Plast members, in particular make Plast members to keep to the Plast law.

The Plast law it is not prohibitions, but positive orders, road sign for Plast members. Law demands from us certain activity, so we can develop and improve our character. It touches on the inner side of Plast member’s life. The points in Plast Law are supposed to be those “main lines” of behaviour in life game. A young man or a girl, while entering this organisation is making decision to make this behaviour a part of their everyday life. In Plast Law main descriptions of Plast member are shown, which are brought to us from knight laws, and now already are the laws of modern bases of cultural world, agreed with Christian ethics and moral:

  1. Plast member is a man of his word. Plast member keeps the word he has given once, not looking at any barriers.
  2. Plast member is conscientious. Everything Plast member does he does as best as he can.
  3. Plast member is precise. Plast member is holding to the time bounds of anything he does himself or is asked to.
  4. Plast member is thrifty. Plast member doesn’t use money, energy or time without any purpose or use. If something is left, he keeps it until it will be of need.
  5. Plast member is fair. Plast member without any doubt recognizes and gives everyone everything that belongs to them. In every competition keeps to the rules of “fair game”.
  6. Plast member is polite. If there is any need to help in any good thing - Plast member will do so. He gives the leaders place to someone if needed, and behaves nicely with everyone. His politeness is not supposed to give a look of humiliation, because it goes against the knight laws.
  7. Plast member is friendly and kind. Plast member feels like a brother to every Plast member and other people. He doesn’t annoy anyone, and doesn’t hurt any living thing. He works accordingly to his powers for wealth, strength and development of his own nation, without any blind rage to members of other national community.
  8. Plast member is well-balanced. Plast member never does anything under the influence of bad mood (rage, despair, etc.)
  9. Plast member is useful. Plast member is trying to bring fair and real use to him self and others. He also respects work of other people. He recognizes the meaning of work in following order: work for development of whole humanity; work for your own nation; work for yourself.
  10. Plast member is obedient to the leaders of Plast. Plast member is obedient to the leaders of Plast accordingly to the Plast rules and Laws. After completing the task he can speak out on the expedience of this task. He doesn’t take the task which is not suitable to Plast Law.
  11. Plast member is watchful. Plast member never misses a chance of studying or knowing more about something that can be useful for development of his spirit and his working quality. He observes the world around him and notices all of the little details and changes that are happening.
  12. Plast member takes care of his health. Plast member respects and cares about his health - one of main conditions of his working quality. He doesn’t do anything that can put his health into any danger or stop his physical development. He is hardworking, energetic and trusts in his own powers.
  13. Plast member likes beauty and takes care of it. Plast member tries to help the beautifulness of his surrounding by his looks, clothes, behaviour, language, recognizing the rules of good behaviour, proper language and spreads this knowledge with the help of his own example.
  14. Plast member is always of a good thought. Plast member is never at a loss or despair even in the hardest conditions. Always calm, inclined to fun, but in danger - courageous.