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Plast Promise and Hymn

Plast Promise - is a poetical addition to the Plast oath; it is used during the ceremony of swearing the oath by being sung after the ceremony. The Promise shows the idea of Plast members to justify those hopes, which Ukrainian people set on them.

In general the Plast promise has 5 strophes. First strophe describes the circumstances in which first Plast members were swearing their oath. Other four strophes give a detailed explanation of all four components of the Plast greeting "SKOB!" Sylno (Strongly), Krasno (Beautifully), Oberezhno (Carefully), Bystro (Speedily).

The Plast Hymn is sung on all holidays, it is a part of every Plast ceremony. In this hymn Plast members are appealing themselves to work more and to reach Plast goals of life. Plast hymn encourages Plast members, appeals them to competitions, makes their spirit stronger and consolidates them by the feeling of solidarity.

First verse of hymn and its refrain was written by Doctor Oleksandr Tysovskyy, and the second verse was written by Ivan Franko.

Besides the Plast hymn, Plast members on solemn-feast days also sing the hymn of Plast members of Zakarpattya (historical and economic region in Ukraine) - “Hymn Zakarpatskyh Plastuniv” - hymn that has been sang by Plast members of Zakarpattya until 1939. As a rule it is used during the ceremony at the end of the day, of some activity, etc.