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Plast guardian

Опікун Пласту - св. Юрій-ЗмієборецьPlast members chose Saint George (called Yuriy in Ukrainian) to be their guardian.

Legend says that he lived at the end of third century and was a legionary of roman army during the times of Emperor Diocletian. Yuriy was a really good warrior, but also a Christian what the Emperor didn’t like at all.

For not wanting to change his religion Yuriy was tortured to death, even though many other warriors who liked and respected Yuriy tried to stop it.

Story about Yuriy’s courage ran all over the Christian world. Legends told about Yuriy fighting a huge snake, which wanted people’s sacrifices. That is how everyone knew Yuriy as a symbol of justice and everything good, and the snake was a symbol of evil.

During all the times different organisations chose Yuriy as their guardian as an historical figure, worth of taking after. Most of scouts’ organisations take saint Yuriy as their guardian also.

For Plast members saint Yuriy has become a symbol of a strong faith, goodness and courage.