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The Plast emblem

Plast emblem - Ukrainian Trident interlaced with Fleur-de-lis

The sign of all Ukrainian Plast is Ukrainian Trident (“Tryzub”) and white three-leaved lily, inseparably interlaced in one harmonic thing. Three-leaved lily, known as Fleur-de-lis, is a symbol of scouts in a whole world, in different countries differently combined with other symbols.

This emblem became a symbol of ideal unity of the whole Plast movement - on native lands and abroad. Three leaves of a lily reflect three main duties of a Plast member; Trident shows that Plast is a Ukrainian youth organisation.

The form and the way of combining the Trident and lily invented Myron Fedusevych, teacher of a middle school. Artistic design was given to it by Robert Lysovskyy - an artist, painter. The Plast emblem, as an official sign, is used by Plast leaders, older members and institutions - on their flags, stamps, official publications, documents, etc.

Often Plast emblem is simply referred to as Lily.

Those Plast members who had completed the Plast oath are wearing it as a sign of them being a part of Plast, accordingly to the instructions of Plast insignia:

  • Little Lily - above the uniform’s left pocket
  • Big Lily - on Plast head covering
  • Big or little Lily - on left trimming of jacket or on other clothes on the same height as on the Plast uniform