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The education system

Plast education system consists of three elements:

1. Ideal Plast basics. It is highly humane idea, fixed in Plast oath, and educative ideal, which is showed in the Plast Law.
2. Plast method. Really useful and all-round method of self development, tested by many years of Plast.
3. Means of education. Means are the matter of Plast.

In realisation of Plast educational system there is one requirement: all of the elements in this system must be used at the same time. Both first elements are unchangeable, because they can not be modified according to the looks and wishes of the mentors. The third element - the means, can be changed accordingly to the needs. Different types of activities can be used accordingly to the interests of youth, on condition that everything will be balanced suitably to the main ways of work in Plast.


Some times they say, that the main Plast goal is to educate, because it is an educational organization. But actually the goal that we are trying to reach is a proper citizen. Education is a method - that leads to the goal. It is most likely a task, then a target. It’s like in school: there they teach, but the target is not studying, but knowledge - to which studying leads. The education in Plast methodical system means creating a suitable atmosphere and means to purposeful self-education.

Self-education is a process of continuous self-development. The girls and boys that are Plast members are completely responsible for their all-round development and elaboration of their character. This term includes free-will oath of keeping to Plast duties.

Working in a group is an integral part of self-education and includes an ability of working together, organising activities, and taking care of each other. In this process youth is helped by mentors, who are taking places of mentors and putting the work of youth into the useful direction.

Everything in Plast educates: something directly, something through other things. Forms of organisation in Plast are circle (“hurtok”), hut (“kurin”), “kish”, local council (“stanytsia”) - it’s a prototype of community organisation forms. It’s leaders (“starshyna”) meaning positions in Plast hierarchy - is an example of a system of leaders in the community. Therefore, by filling those positions Plast members are learning how to be active leaders of the community.

The main reason for self-education is that Plast is a free-will organisation. When someone is willing to be a nice member of Plast, to reach his higher level, he must live accordingly to three main duties in Plast. So, he must raise in himself distinctive marks of Plast and earn knowledge. And no one will make him do this, he will just be helped by advice and example by elder and more experienced friends. Plast teaches youth to be responsible for their own destiny, to take responsibility and initiative in their own hands, which is to have trust in yourself.