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All-Ukrainian Camps

All-Ukrainian Water Camp     

The camp is usually held near big rivers or at the seaside of the Black Sea.    

The main goal of this camp is to provide a healthy seaside environment for older youth, and to acquaint them with different types of boats and how to use and navigate them.    

The program includes theoretical instructions: history of navigation, piracy, signaling, water-road markings, first medical aid, and practical activities: swimming, water rescue, windsurfing, yachting, diving, kayaking, rowing, and so on.       

All-Ukrainian Sport Training Camp - "Kalynovyj Oberig"   

The camp is usually held near Hurkalo waterfall, Korchyn village, Skole district, Lviv region, Western Ukraine.    

The philosophy of this camp is based on the idea that the real Plast environment can be created only if Plast principles and ideals are closely combined with cherishing of strength and spirit of Plast brotherhood. If you think that sport is not interesting and useful, or you think that you have already achieved everything possible in sports, then this camp is not a good choice for you. STC "Kalynovyj Oberig" is geared to ambitious girls and boys, who are used to setting tough goals, leading active and healthy lifestyles, and meeting challenges with beaming smiles and confidence. The main goal of the camp is to show that sport creates indeed strong leaders.    

STC "Kalynovyj Oberig" gives participants basic knowledge of football, frisbee, handball, rugby, ping-pong, softball, badminton, track and field athletics and other sports. Skilled instructors help participants develop their athletic skills and techniques. The highest-ranked campers receive certificates confirming their qualifications as instructors of sport areas for scout camps and competitions.

All-Ukrainian Artistic Training Camp - "Metamorfozy"    

All-Ukrainian Artistic Training Camp "Metamorfozy" is an exciting journey to the world of art. The camp is usually held in Ivano-Frankivsk or Zakarpattya region, Western Ukraine.    

The main goal of this camp is to create favorable conditions for an artistic self-realization of every individual. Participants are given opportunities to try different types of art, to broaden their knowledge of music, theatre, pictorial art etc, and to create strong contacts with different regions of Ukraine. This will provide the exchange of creative experience, Ukrainian culture, and national, cultural and moral values.    

Those who successfully completed camp requirements in previous years can apply for the second level of training and perform functions as assistants to the instructors.       

All-Ukrainian Aviation Camp - "Chota Krylatykh"     

All-Ukrainian Aviation Camp is usually held on Plast land “Chota Krylatykh” in Lukvytsja village, Bohorodchany district, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Western Ukraine.    

Organizers welcome all girls and boys who are interested in the aviation scouting!    Program includes about 50 hours of flying: aerodynamics, theory of flight, parachute jumping, practical trainings on paragliders and hang-gliders, demonstrative flights of instructors-sportsmen. Moreover, lots of interesting games, discussions and conversations on different subjects – art, journalism, psychology etc, are also included in camp program.       

All-Ukrainian Educative-Training Camp - "Legion"     

All-Ukrainian Educative-Training Camp "Legion" named after UPA commander Roman Shukhevych is held every year in different region of Ukraine.    

The legend of camp is always concerned with important events from the history of Ukraine.    

The camp is divided into multiple phases; the main phase consists of a raid organized in the form of the intellectual-extreme game "Quest" with military-patriotic, sport-touristic, and ethnographical character.    Participants get an opportunity to visit military units and educational institutions, and become acquainted with the magnificent beauty of Ukrainian territory through a ‘many-days-and-kilometers excursion’.    

All-Ukrainian Educative-Training Camp "Legion" allows young boys to understand how to use their practical scout knowledge in contemporary society, based on the Ukrainian knights traditions of honor, native land studying, familiarization of modern technologies achievements, and efficient group management.        

All-Ukrainian Hiking Camp - "Hoverlya"        

All-Ukrainian Hiking Camp "Hoverlya" is held in Carpathian mountains, Western Ukraine. The total route exceeds 130 km.    

The main goal of this camp is to popularize sport tourism (hiking) in Plast by preparing qualified instructors and guides of groups according to state requirements established by the Federation of Sport Tourism of Ukraine.    

The camp legend is based on the history of the Carpathian UPA group "Hoverlya", which conducted military actions on the territory of Zakarpattya and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.    

After the camp participants can receive such certificates:
  • Basic Hiking Course completion
  • participation in the first category of trek
  • achievement of the third tourist rank    

All-Ukrainian Approbation Equestrian Camp - "Herts"    

All-Ukrainian Approbation Equestrian Camp "Herts" is usually held in Cherkasy region, Central Ukraine.    The camp goal is the equestrian, physical, and moral training of young boys and girls, according to the traditions of kozatstvo and II trial of Rover Scouts.    

The camp aims to popularize equestrianism by teaching the basics of riding horses, cherishing the traditions of kozatstvo, providing opportunities for physical and sport conditioning, and improving the skills of living in nature and practical scout knowledge        

All-Ukrainian Approbation Tourist-Training Camp - "Poburlakuyemo Svitamy"          

All-Ukrainian Approbation Tourist Training Camp "Poburlakuyemo Svitamy" is usually held in two phases:
  1. Alpinist
  2. Water    
The camp aims to give participants an active “rest” or relaxation period,  while also instilling knowledge in cartography, hiking, tourist guiding, rock climbing, and rowing technique (on the river Dniester). The result of the camp is physical and intellectual development of youth.    

"Rest" popularization is becoming very popular in our region. The camp program includes a few conversations on this subject, and boys and girls are able to use their new knowledge to plan and carry out their own active and meaningful rest.      

All-Ukrainian Approbation Traveling Bicycle Camp - "Revor"           

All-Ukrainian  Approbation Traveling Bicycle Camp "Revor" is usually held in Western Ukraine.    

During this camp participants can get acquainted with architectural monuments and enjoy gorgeous views of Ternopil, Hmelnytskyj and Chernivtsi regions. They visit castles, caves, cascades, waterfalls, and even ostrich farm!    

After successful completion of the camp they receive the certificate of participation in the first category of bicycle trek, the third tourist rank, and they can also complete the new merit ‘Bicycle traveling’ (II trial).   

All-Ukrainian Approbation Traveling Water Camp - "Druha stykhija"    

All-Ukrainian Approbation Traveling Water Camp ‘Druha stykhija’ is held on the river Dniester, Western Ukraine. The route of this trip lies from Halych to Zalishchyky.    

The main goal of this camp is the popularization of water trips on the river Dnister, which were first organized in the 1920s. Participants discover the area around Monastyrok, the location of the first Plast water camp and take part in ecological, sport and water activities in the framework of the Plast program.    

After successful completion of the camp, participants receive certificates of participation in the first category of water trek. 

Ski camp for Older Plastuns and Seniors - "Fest"     

This camp is held in February-March in Zakarpattya region, Western Ukraine. The program includes 4 days of skiing and lots of others entertainment.   

The camp program is adjusted to meet weather conditions. If there is minimal snow, the camp consists of trips to Synevyr lake, Borzhava mountain range, and other attractions.    

Campers should bring all of the gear and clothing necessary for ski and snow conditions, and should also bring Ukrainian national costumes and accessories for steam bathing.    

Meals provided: breakfast and supper.

Winter Ski Camp - "Tanets Pingvina" (Penguin’s Dance) 

This camp is held in February-March in famous all over Ukraine ski resort “Bukovel”, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Western Ukraine.

The program includes 4 days of skiing and lots of other entertainments.

Campers should bring all of the gear and clothing necessary for ski and snow conditions. 

Camp fee includes transfer Lviv-Bukovel-Lviv, accommodation in comfortable hotel, meals, ski lifting, instructors’ services, and insurance in case of emergency.